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Counselor's Corner

What does a Counselor do?
A Counselor.......
  • Visits my classroom to help me understand myself and others.
  • Works with small groups on study habits, self-concept, divorce, conflict resolution, and improving academic performance.
  • Meets with new students to help them adjust to our school.
  • Explains test scores to parents and teachers.
  • Talks with parents and teachers.
When do I see a Counselor?
When I.......
  • Have good news to share.
  • Have trouble with my friends.
  • Have trouble with my school work.
  • Have trouble with my brothers and sisters.
  • I have trouble getting along with others.
  • Need to talk to someone.
How do I see a Counselor?
  • My teacher can ask the counselor to see me.
  • My parents can ask the counselor to see me.
  • I can stop by the office to see her.
  • I can ask my teacher if I can go to her office.