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Update on FISD Transportation from Dr. Bays

FISD Parents and Guardians,


As expected, there were delays in bus pick-ups and drop-offs yesterday, August 22nd, due to twelve road closures in the area. Even though the rain has stopped, there were still ten road closures in our area this morning, August 23rd, requiring our buses to take long detours when picking-up some students. For instance, yesterday, a South Elementary bus had to be re-routed all the way to CR 775 to avoid road closures, adding almost an hour to some drop-off times, which then impacted the secondary routes as well. This is a temporary issue but definitely made FISD Transportation’s most challenging day of the year even more challenging. There are always issues with stops that become apparent during the first few days of school. Please know that we are addressing issues as they arise and making adjustments in routes and stops based on ridership.


FISD values your input and depends on parents to provide information so that we can make our processes more efficient. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that when parents called the Transportation Department yesterday, they got busy signals or, through the automated system, were transferred directly to voicemail. This morning, we made adjustments in the phone system to ensure that you will speak to someone in person on the first attempt. Your call may cycle through a series of up to nine FISD employees’ phone lines, so be sure stay on the line and continue to let the phone ring.


FISD is committed to providing great customer service to our parents and students and will continue to actively seek ways to improve our processes. Our goal is the same as yours, to get your child home safely and as quickly as possible. We appreciate your continued patience.

Sherri Bays, Ed.D.


Floresville ISD